Postmodern criticism of modernity often points out that contemporary life experiences have become discontinuous and fragmented. We no longer perceive time as a straight arrow progressing forward, nor do our experiences seem homogeneous and continuous. Happiness and worries both reflect this sentiment. Today, let's explore some beautiful cups together and discuss these "trivialities."

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During the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, philosophers envisioned time as linear, a hopeful path towards the future. But this linear perspective is challenged by postmodern philosophy.

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In everyday life, we often hear phrases like "you'll be happy if...". For instance, "you'll be happy if you achieve financial freedom, get into a good university, pass a high school entrance exam, get married and have children, or find a stable job." The simple question to ask is whether this logic holds true. A deeper question would be, "What is happiness?" and "What feelings can be described as happiness?"

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We've been led to believe that achieving certain milestones will bring immense happiness. However, that's not always the case. Personally, achieving top scores in high school, getting into a prestigious university, and being admitted to a top-notch graduate school didn't always bring continuous and substantial positive feelings. Sometimes, it felt fragmented and surprisingly unfulfilling.

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Similarly, worries in daily life are no longer significant issues but rather small trivialities: missing the bus, a broken straw, forgetting to bring reusable utensils, oversleeping... These minor annoyances can disrupt our well-planned routines and make life seem broken.

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Therefore, embracing both happiness and unhappiness, even if they are fragmented, and finding joy in small victories can effectively help us navigate through days filled with trivialities. Embracing both small joys and annoyances might be the key to a content and balanced life.


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