In addition to using a teacup for drinking tea, if you want to keep the temperature of the tea soup, you must use a tureen! I usually don't like drinking hot tea, but after fans asked me, I decided to write a recommendation for a tureen too! Each of these covered bowls has its own characteristics, and there is definitely one suitable for everyone! Let's take a look together!

▌Thin tire lovers look here! Pure white and splashed ink are different and interesting!


                                                                       【Product recommendation】JOTO Handmade Splashed Ink Tea Set_TZR0056

My personal favorite style is JOTO's TZR0056, a thin tire splashed ink cover bowl! You can imagine how difficult and complicated the process of making thin tires is. It is necessary to carefully control the process and firing temperature to achieve such a work that embodies the process~splash-ink landscape, picturesque and poetic, with profound artistic conception. If you like the pure white style, JOTO also has a more rounded plain style (this is the one below!), friends who want to experience the ultimate craftsmanship can not miss it!


                                                                  【Product recommendation】JOTO Japanese style thin tire cover cup_GWR0003

▌New ideas in classic shapes: colored glaze, kiln transformation and antique


                                                            【Product recommendation】JOTO Wujin Changing Glaze Sancai Tureen_ GWR0006

The next three models are all JOTO’s janitor classics, which are completely our JOTO’s strengths! The top-level hand-made high-temperature black gold glaze is applied to the above-mentioned black gold variable glaze Sancai tureen. In addition to resist high temperature, the black gold is full of layers and is rich in layers. If you look closely, it will become more and more beautiful, and the layers and beauty will gradually be revealed!


                                                              【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade Japanese Kung Fu Tea Set_TZR0022

The tureen above is made of kaolin and fine clay. During the firing process, the carcass naturally shows ice cracks, just like the texture of tea leaves. The blue-green glaze shows different colors under different light, which is very interesting. . The next one is JOTO's antique classic. It imitates the blue and white technology of Ming Dynasty. It is beautiful and simple. Every detail can be seen as a metaphor of both rigid sand and soft luster. Combining ancient and modern with rigidity and softness, present the best to you!


                                 【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Imitation of Ming Dynasty Hand-painted Blue and White Sancai Tureen_GWR0012

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