Whenever the Western Valentine's Day comes, what gifts do you all prepare for your lover? Even if you don't have a lover, Valentine's Day is also a day when all kinds of products are discounted! Let me recommend a few practical and beautiful products, so that everyone can send gifts to their hearts!


                                                         【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade stoneware coffee cup water cup_CFR0131

I once flipped through Jane's "I Will Spend Moonlight for You" alone at the Taipei International Book Fair booth, and kept thinking about the multiple appearances of a relationship during the reading process. At the same time, the exaggerated and gorgeous presentation of Chen Baiqing's prose allows even Hanako who is locked in the toilet to have the energy of a lover.


                                                                              【Product Recommendation】JOTO Tableware Gift Box Set_TZR0098

But in daily life, in the rhythm of meals and secular life, I often listen to Zheng Yinong's <591> and look forward to someone who can fulfill this small wish with me. Or like Zhang Xuan's <appearance>, he knows that he wants to go for a while with the one he loves.


                                                                              【Product Recommendation】JOTO Tableware Gift Box Set_TZR0096

JOTO's tableware is hoping to add the texture of your life through daily tableware decoration. I think everyone has the most suitable music rhythm at any time of life, and JOTO hopes to enter everyone's life and become the most melodious polyphony.


                                     【Product recommendation】JOTO coffee set gift box set_TZR0073 (Teflon classic black titanium-plated knife gift box)

I think it is quite romantic to give a set of tableware as a gift. A set of tableware exclusively for him, with a complete range, makes him think of the person who gave the tableware from time to time when using the tableware. Through the history of giving, recall the history of love.


                                                                     【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Ghost Knife K5 Hand Grinder_QTR0083

Coffee utensils and grinders are recommended for those who have the habit of drinking coffee. It has always been JOTO's goal to improve everyone's quality of life in the most everyday way. I'm here to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

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