The Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer. Buy new year's goods and clean the house compactly, or plan a travel itinerary during the New Year's festival. In the busy final sprint before the end of the year, don't forget to have a cup of tea, and let the body and mind take a break while boiling water.


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On December 24th of the lunar calendar, according to the customs of Taiwanese folk beliefs, the "Sealing Round Altar Sending God Ceremony" will be held to symbolize the completion of the rituals of the past year, and to send the gods back to heaven for reunion for the New Year.


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At the beginning, I also thought that folk beliefs were weird or even scornful, but it was not until I went deep into traditional fishing villages and learned about local beliefs that I discovered that many rituals of folk beliefs also echoed secular life.


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Living in a simple fishing village, without the busyness of life, I can better understand life and feel what it means to be "alive" and "time passing". Among them, drinking tea with the village elders is a very good experience, from boiling water to making tea, feeling the passage of time.


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I have introduced kung fu tea in previous articles, but recently I found that the time of boiling water is even more important. Before all the complicated processes start, there is a time gap purely waiting for the boiling, which allows tea lovers to calm down and chat with each other, which is the most rare thing in the tea making time.


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Use a small charcoal stove and a kettle to boil slowly over charcoal fire until it boils, and wait for the water temperature to continue to rise. At this moment of waiting for boiling, feel the passage of time, feel the wait, feel the life, and feel the meaning of a conversation. In the busy life, have a cup of tea to feel the life, and give yourself a time to relax.

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