"Life is like a moving train. Along the way, you will encounter beautiful scenery, people will board, and some will disembark. Those who share your journey can accompany you for a stretch. But if someone gets off midway, don’t be sad for too long. It means that your paths will diverge from here on out. Regardless of the depth of the bond, you will eventually meet someone who will stay with you until the end." This is what my mother once told me. Today, let me use this as a theme to talk with you about the passengers in our life's journey.

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It's graduation season, and many graduates will bid farewell to familiar campuses and classmates, stepping into new chapters of life. When I said goodbye to my juniors at the graduation ceremony, besides giving them my blessings, I also said: "No matter whether your future life is happy or sad, remember that there are people (not just me, but also your family and other friends) silently rooting for you! And there will be a moment when we feel very proud of you because of you!"

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No matter who accompanies you in the future, never forget that the one who can always accompany you is yourself. In recent years, there have been more articles on self-reflection and self-care, because people are gradually understanding this principle:

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On the journey of life, some people will walk with you for a while, and some will drift away. But the constant is that only you can keep moving forward. Only by taking good care of yourself can you be sincerely ready for the next relationship.

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Take care of yourself, so you don’t miss out on good connections. My favorite singer, Anpu, once said something similar during a concert talk, and the recently popular "2024 NTU Sociology Mini-Graduation Speech: Professor Janet Guo" echoed the same sentiment.

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May we all maintain a sense of "inner peace" in silence, retain inner tranquility during rest, sharpen our tools and gather strength in quietness, and move forward steadily.

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