​​​​​​​In 2023, many heartbreaking events unfolded. Through television news and online reports, we witnessed conflicts on the other side of the world, civilians affected, and small nations bravely resisting. Simultaneously, facing the shadow of a mutated virus, it's crucial for us to recover from past complexities and prioritize our health. Today, let me share my new year's resolutions with you, hoping they'll be of assistance.


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  • Knowing we exist in various forms in others' lives and that others exist in different forms within us, feeling lonely isn't tied to the absence of someone nearby. No longer forcing companionship nor avoiding loneliness, as that feeling isn't dependent on proximity.

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  • Let fate be fate. There's no need to force oneself when it's unnecessary, nor should excessive pressure be placed due to fear of disappointing others. Conversely, don't agree to commitments beyond your capability solely to maintain a positive image. Let fate take its course in any form.

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  • Childhood years seemed lengthy, yet now days pass rapidly. Perhaps it's because life and days hold less significance and anticipation. Instead of elongating time, strive to enrich life with experiences within your capacity. Invite diverse elements into your life.

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  • Listen more, observe more, experience more, hydrate, exercise, soak in sunlight, speak less.

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Accept oneself as is, avoiding excessive interpretation or speculation. Let life speak for itself instead of constantly trying to speak to life.

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