I wonder if everyone, like the editor, is already looking forward to the new year while reviewing the trivial things that happened last year? In the new year, let the editor ghostwrite and write a thank you letter to old customers, thank you for letting JOTO accompany you through the last difficult year.


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Many heart-wrenching events occurred in 2022. Wars and epidemics are raging all over the world. Although we live on a small and comfortable island, listening to news broadcasts of wars and viruses every day always makes us unconsciously depressed. The news of the death of many world heavyweight leaders also makes people feel regretful. It is not a power struggle full of political meaning, but that with the death of the leader, an era seems to have come to an end. But it was also the beginning of another era.


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2022 is a lost year for me, I lost a significant friend early in the year and ended a cherished friendship on a summer night. I don't know how this year is for everyone? Is it also a downturn and a heavy year? However, because of the loss, I also read a lot of books, listened to a lot of songs, and opened up a lot of thinking that I never thought I would have. Maybe having and losing are the same thing.


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I listened to a concert at the beginning of this year and at the end of last year, both by the same singer. At the beginning of last year, I re-read Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and Hrabal's "Too Loud Loneliness". Both of them happen to be Czech writers, and their works are quite moving. Later, I read Nietzsche's "On the Genealogy of Morals" and Foucault's "Society Must be Defended" because of the relationship of taking courses. In my spare time, I read Chai's "Diary of Collective Heartbreak" and Qiu Miaojin's "Montmartre Posthumous Letter". Recently, I began to read Sally Rooney's "Chat Records" and "Where Are You In A Beautiful World". Because I took over my job, I hope to share it with you every time I read a very meaningful text. Maybe you don’t think so, but it is a privilege for the editor to be able to share the joy of reading with you. A kind of hard-won luck.


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Thank you for all the encounters in 2022, which gave me the opportunity to read these books and listen to these songs. Every time when I am about to be knocked down by life, I suddenly recall a certain sentence I shared with you, or a certain line of lyrics that I like very much, and I feel much warmer in my heart. It is a great fortune for me to be able to recommend to everyone my favorite books, songs or even products that I really like. Although sometimes I feel distressed because of the exhaustion of writing, but I am really grateful for this opportunity to communicate with you through words and warm products.


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Maybe we have never seen everyone's faces, but based on our love of aesthetics, we have the opportunity to communicate in different ways. In the past year, I would like to thank everyone who is willing to read the writing, thank everyone who is willing to message the fan page privately, thank everyone who has browsed the posts and dynamics, and let JOTO have this opportunity to meet everyone and enter everyone's life. In the new year, JOTO will work harder to communicate with you, whether it is through copywriting or products, we will strive to be a little comfort in your life. Whether it's because we are moved by the same text, or because we love a certain product together. Thanks for the impermanence of life, let us have the opportunity to meet each other.

In the new year, I wish you all peace and happiness.

The editor shakes hands with everyone, written at the end of 2022. https://www.jotomall.com/