In the scorching summer, even staying indoors feels hot. Every day, we gaze at those thick cumulus clouds, as if waiting for the arrival of afternoon thunderstorms. On a tropical island, all senses feel intensified. The noise and heat are confined within bustling cities. Today, let the editor chat with you about island life while recommending some versatile cold water pitchers that can add a touch of quality to your life on the island.



【Product Recommendation】JOTO Minimalist Vertical Striped Glass Pitcher Set_CHR0623


Every morning, the editor habitually goes to the kitchen to pour a glass of water for themselves. On one hand, it prevents them from snoozing further, forcing them to get out of bed; on the other hand, that morning glass of water kickstarts the metabolism and provides the first refreshing moment of the day.



【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handblown Crystal Glass Cup with Vertical Stripes_TZR0062


Holding a crystal glass cup with vertical stripes, take a moment to feel the texture. As your body gradually awakens, feel the texture of the vertical stripes. From a slightly lazy tingling sensation to the pronounced texture of the stripes. The translucent nature of the crystal glass lets every ray of light shine through.



【Product Recommendation】JOTO Large Capacity Cold Brew Water Filter Pitcher_CHR0643


Arriving at the office also involves routine tasks like booting up the computer. Going in and out of the office and the break room, make a cup of brain-awakening coffee for yourself and your colleagues. Brewing coffee carefully, adding ice cubes, listening to the sound of ice cubes clinking against the cup's walls, seems to inject a bit more motivation into work.



【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handcrafted Embossed Striped Glass Pitcher_CHR0635


Back home, it's time for a glass of water. I often tell myself this. After coming home, that feeling of rushing around, putting down everything, tidying up, changing into comfortable home clothes. At this moment, the inner turmoil might still be present. A glass of water can bring a sense of calm, readjusting the pace of breathing, allowing life to truly relax.



【Product Recommendation】JOTO Red-Crowned Crane Cold Water Pitcher_CHR0578


Finally, after taking a shower and watching a few episodes of a drama, it's almost time to go to bed. After brushing your teeth, another glass of water can dilute the taste of toothpaste and allow you to relax and rest on the bed, saying "well done" to the tired self after a whole day.


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