Searching for Jianshui on the Internet, in addition to finding Jianshui, an ancient city in southern Yunnan Province, China, you may find that Jianshui is also a tea vessel. What is Jianshui? Let the editor of JOTO use an article to briefly introduce the good friend of tea making "Jian Shui" to you!

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"Jian" in Jianshui, according to the definition in "Revised Version of the Recompiled Mandarin Dictionary of the Ministry of Education", means pouring down, and it is similar to the word "瀽" (phonetic: ㄐㄧㄢˇ).

For example, in the first fold of Guan Hanqing's work "Wen Taizhen's Jade Mirror Terrace" in the Yuan Dynasty, it is mentioned that "我欲說話瀽無甚伎倆,把一瀽酒瀽一半在階基上。" It means that I didn't pay attention when I was about to speak, and accidentally spilled wine on the base. Or the idiom "高屋建筑 (ㄌㄧㄥˊ)" means to pour the water in the bottle down on the roof. Described as condescending and unstoppable; Or another idiom "破竹建瓴" is a metaphor for following the trend and being invincible.

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Therefore, we know that "Jian Shui" literally means "to pour water". When do you need to pour water when making tea? First of all, before making tea, it is usually necessary to use hot water to "hot the pot" and "warm the cup", that is, to pour hot water into the teapot and teacup, in order to release the aroma and taste of the tea leaves. The water after the hot pot is warmed, if it is a Japanese tea ceremony, you need to pour this clean water into the "Shuizhi".

The difference between "Shuizhi" (みずさし, pronunciation mizu sashi) and "Building Water" (けんすい, pronunciation ken sui) is that the water finger can only hold clean water, while Jianshui is used to hold waste water ( such as brewed tea); Shuizhi usually has a cover to keep the water clean, while Jianshui usually does not have a cover.

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As mentioned above, Jianshui usually does not have a lid, and in order to drain the tea dregs, some Jianshui has a draining design, so that the popular dry brewing method can be carried out smoothly. Refreshing and clean when making tea.

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