Time flies, and the theme of my copywriting has come full circle and returned to Jianshui! It has been half a year since the last article 【Introduction to Jianshui】 See mountains and see water, so what is Jianshui? An article for you to understand immediately!introducing Jianshui to you. JOTO has also launched several good-looking Jianshui in the past six months. Let me take you to have a look! (For those who haven’t read the previous article, remember to go back and read the introduction!)


                                            【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style quaint color glaze built water slag bucket PJR0055

Although Jianshui is used as a bucket to hold waste tea, it cannot be sloppy in workmanship. Some friends do not deliberately distinguish Jianshui and Shuizhi. JOTO considers this, so the design will not be too differentiated, but hopes that both functions can be achieved (warming tea cups and pouring waste water), for those friends who have different tea making habits.


                                                                    【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese hand-washed Jianshui_PJR0076

Considering the multi-purpose tea-making habits of Taiwanese, maybe everyone smokes when making tea. At this time, the Jianshui above can also be used as an ashtray. The groove design on the side is not only convenient for pouring water, but also suitable for storing cigarettes or other slender objects!  (However, it is still not recommended to use such beautiful Jianshui as an ashtray! It will hurt the ceramics QAQ)


                                                     【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese Handmade Grass Gray Glaze Washed_PJR0078

If you need a large capacity, JOTO also has a large-capacity high-quality grass-wood gray glaze wash like the one above, so that even when you are not using it, you can also use it as a decoration at home, without being too obtrusive and eye-catching!


                                                                   【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade tea wash three colors_PJR0022

If you have higher requirements for the washed design, you can refer to the hand-washed one above, with a total of three colors. Personally, I recommend the green style most, because the unique mesh design makes it more interesting to see the Jianshui, and it will have a different taste if you look closely!


                                                                【Product recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Stoneware Large Wash_PJR0018

Friends who like rough pottery can also refer to the rough wash above, it is absolutely beautiful and durable! JOTO has a wide range of tea sets, and hopes to meet the expectations of all JOTO customers. If you want to see more products, please visit the official website: https://www.jotomall.com/