In the era before everyone had a mobile phone, if one wished to know news about family or friends from afar, they'd eagerly watch the home mailbox. Waiting for the postman to ring the bell, and shouting out the eagerly awaited "registered mail." Unconsciously, there'd be an inner cheer as they impatiently opened and read the cards received, faintly fragrant, sometimes adorned with festive gold dust. Today, allow me to write a letter of blessings for you, while browsing through JOTO's products together!

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Feeling the warmth from handwritten cards, these memories gradually become relics of a bygone era. Our modern communication is now too rapid; the memory of "registered mail!!" has been replaced by today's "ding-dong" or "LINE~". Festive blessings are now a series of stickers (some even animated) in our mobile phones.

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The rapid advancements in technology offer us great convenience, yet there's a give-and-take scenario here. To enjoy convenience, one can't simultaneously demand the sense of "warmth" from the past. Choosing and sacrificing have become a part of our daily lives.

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Sometimes, the editor starts to ponder why they're fond of vintage things, why they like JOTO as a company, and why they enjoy reading Li Weijing's "The Necessity of Old-fashioned Dates". The editor was born when smartphones were just emerging, caught up in a new era but is a child of an older time.

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It's as if the editor was born in a gap between eras, learning things that differ from what their parents learned, using technology their parents couldn't teach them. Born in this gap of time, the editor always listens to 90s rock music, preferring independent rock bands, perhaps never catching up with the pace of the times.

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But as a contemporary intellectual, sometimes what's relied upon is this insistence on not always keeping up with the times. Merry Christmas.


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