Lately, many of my friends and family have been talking about the need for self-care, but I always find myself puzzled, raising my shoulders with a questioning gesture, and sighing, "I know, but how?" The exhaustion of daily life and its mechanical routines make caring for our physical and mental well-being a crucial issue for contemporary individuals. So, let's explore some products while discussing the importance of self-care.


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It's amusing how about a decade ago, self-help books like "The Crossroads of Life" or more recently, "Atomic Time," were all the rage, emphasizing self-competition to enhance one's capabilities. However, after experiencing global upheavals, be it in politics, economics, or everyday life, the importance of learning "self-care" in this generation has become vital.


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For me, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, finding something I'm genuinely interested in and imbuing it with a sense of ritual, meaning, or even a tiny sense of achievement plays a significant role in inspiring life.


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Of course, after a tiring day, most of us just want to lie on the couch and binge-watch shows, which is a great form of self-care. However, for friends like me who tend to be harsh on ourselves, we might feel uneasy during these idle times, as if we lack productivity.


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So, let's start with dinner. If we have the energy after work, let's cook a simple meal. Even if we order takeout, let's serve it on beautiful plates. It may seem like an unnecessary touch, but these little embellishments indeed make life a bit more delightful. During mealtime, let's avoid listening to the news or scrolling through our phones, and instead, focus solely on the plate, the taste of dinner, and the company of family and friends.


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Let's return to a simpler life, turning off low-quality, distracting media and giving ourselves the time to truly enjoy dinner and rest. As we wash the dishes, let's wash away the day's troubles and, after a relaxing bath, reward ourselves with a glass of wine, embracing the idea of adding a touch of ritual to our lives.


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