Hello, everyone! I hope you've been well lately. Your friendly editor here has been a bit overwhelmed due to preparation for an exam, sometimes finding it hard to quiet the mind, even into the late hours of the night. It seems like there's so much to complain about in this world, and it sometimes feels like the world has turned black and white. Today, as we explore gift sets (Teacher's Day is approaching, a great time to start preparing!), let's also chat about recent life insights.


JOTO Travel-Friendly Teapot and Two Cups Set (TZR0103)


Quite fittingly, I've been indulging in zombie-themed works recently. One is the darkly humorous musical comedy, "Running Zombie," by the Spike Theatre. It portrays an era where a zombie epidemic rages, and three ordinary individuals navigate the chaos. Another is the popular anime series "Zombie Land Saga." Even though it became a hit a while back, I'm just now finding time to watch it. Similarly, it delves into the lives of corporate drones, devoid of hope, who suddenly find renewed purpose in the wake of a zombie outbreak.


JOTO Japanese-Style Hand-Painted Blue and White Ceramic Sake Set (TZR0020)


It's been three years since the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic, and our world has undergone significant changes. From the economic impact to the resulting political turmoil and shifts in personal relationships, the pandemic has provided an opportunity for reflection. The musical and animated works I mentioned earlier also explore these themes. How has life been treating you since the pandemic? Do you have any new perspectives to share?


JOTO Vintage Minimalist Coarse Pottery Kettle and Tea Stove Set (TZR0029)


In the Buddhist worldview, you often hear the phrase, "Form is emptiness, emptiness is form; form is none other than emptiness, emptiness is none other than form." This comes from the Heart Sutra, and it encourages us to reconsider how we view the world. While we may not attain the state of Nirvana, like a monk, we can adjust our outlook on life.


JOTO Hand-Painted Blue and White Crane Design Tea Set (TZR0007)


Adjusting your outlook doesn't mean compromising or giving in; it means no longer allowing the emotions generated by certain situations to trouble you. I recently had an epiphany: "Forgiving you doesn't mean you became a better person; it means I no longer care about this matter." It's been my recent approach to change my way of thinking, so I'm no longer imprisoned by my own troubles.


JOTO Blue and White Elegant Tea Set (TZR0009)


There are many aspects of this world that don't conform to our desires, all resulting from the law of causality. We were born into this turbulent era, and perhaps in the places where we can afford to be a bit reckless, we can allow ourselves to be just that. By letting more and more things not affect our mood, we can ultimately live a freer life in this world.

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