The spirit of spring is getting stronger, and it is time to start preparing for the new year's struggle! Although you don’t want to, remember to take some time to reorganize your emotions and plan your next goals. After charging, you have to continue to work hard~ I have selected five coffee sharing pots today, hoping to share my fighting spirit with everyone. Let's continue to fight for life together!                                                                                           


                                                              【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Hand-dripping Coffee Sharing Pot QTR0037

There is always a lazy morning when I accidentally make too much coffee; there is always a lazy morning when I actually think I should make more coffee yesterday; there is always a lazy morning when I start to feel that the daily morning routine of freshly ground coffee can be exhausting. At this time, you need a coffee sharing pot, reserve some extra coffee for tomorrow, so that you can go to bed later tomorrow.


                                                                  【Product Recommendation】JOTO Classic Cloud Coffee Sharing Pot QTR0014

Or in a restaurant, the sudden thirst made me realize that the kettle in the restaurant was a little too lacking in design. While holding my chin to think, I also felt that the kettle at home needed to be replaced. The touch of rough pottery is always unforgettable to me. The clear sound of boiling water gushing from the spout and hitting the wall of the cup will soon cut off the drain of the water. It is indeed time to change it.


                                                                   【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Hand-blown Glass Sharing Pot_CHR0605

Or on a weekend afternoon when a friend came to visit, the sunlight shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows into the wooden floor and dining table. When chatting, apart from the small snacks scattered on the table, a beautiful coffee sharing pot is needed. It doesn't have to be coffee, but lemonade or simple fruit tea can also make this afternoon gathering even better.


                                                                  【Recommended Product】 JOTO Pour Over Coffee Glass Sharing Pot_QTR0084

In the end, maybe I hope to have a good-looking, well-designed home kettle that can turn very ordinary daily actions into behaviors with a little bit of artistic flavor. Not for anything else, I just hope that my daily life can be better. It can't be called icing on the cake, but at least it is developing in a good direction.


                                                       【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Simple Coffee Sharing Pot with Lid and Scale_QTR0086

Through daily small fortunes, you can make your life a little bit easier, and you can feel a little bit more comfortable when chatting with a few friends. This is the way JOTO hopes to accompany everyone. From the little daily embellishments, we can add a little color and artistic sense to our ordinary daily life.

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