Everyone should have their favorite cup at home. Although there are many kinds of cups on the cup holder, the "love cup" that is usually used for drinking water and coffee is definitely exclusive to oneself and is rarely shared with others. The five designer mugs I sorted out last time were very well received. Many friends are eager to hit the second bowl. After careful selection, I finally selected five designer mugs that are worth recommending. Let’s take a look !


                                                                                      【Product recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Vintage Stoneware Mug_CFR0105

The concept of security is actually very elusive, covering many aspects, national security, personal security, what kind of feeling is it to "feel safe"? I will share a few interesting sayings today, and by the way, I will show you the cups.


                                                                                     【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese handmade pottery coffee cup_CFR0043

The author once took a course taught by Professor Bi Hengda of the Institute of Architecture and Urban-Rural Development, National Taiwan University. He once explained the impact of space on people from the perspective of environmental psychology. Everyone’s room should be somewhat decorated, whether it is a poster of an idol , decorative lights for indirect lighting, well-groomed plants, etc. These objects are not just decorations, but also important objects that turn the space into "personalization".


                                                                                                       【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Macaron Ceramic Coffee Cup_CFR0111

In other words, "individualized" space is an attempt to turn the universally produced, homogenized space into a space with personal characteristics through some objects that can represent personal preferences, personal tastes, and even personal personality. These small gestures may seem like decorations, but they have the effect of imparting a sense of personal security.


                                                                               【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade stoneware coffee cup water cup_CFR0131

Friends who have experience of moving away from home should be able to appreciate some objects that can represent their original family, such as a family photo; or a hanging cloth with Taiwanese characteristics on the wall after going abroad. These objects represent the continuation of some space, and also represent a part of their personality. In the same way, a cup that belongs to you can not only show your own taste, but also the source of your own sense of security.


                                                                                 【Product recommendation】 JOTO creative hand-cut ceramic water cup_CUPR0537

So it's time to choose a cup for yourself that can represent your own taste and unique aesthetics, which will be very helpful for building a sense of security for individuals. At the same time, it can also let the people who live with you see your style and taste, so that the cup will really be warmed by the infusion of your own life experience.

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