Continuing the recommendation of tea accessories, let me help you sort out a few beautiful and practical tea caddy. The beautiful tea caddy can not only store tea, but also treasure the stories exchanged during each tea making time. When you open the tea caddy again, who made tea with you last time, and what did you talk about? Fragments of these memories will emerge one by one. Let me take you to browse some super beautiful tea caddy!


                                          【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade High Temperature Resistant Glass Tea Caddy CYGR0019

In the afternoon when a friend is coming to visit, I am sitting alone in the bright living room. The table is already full of tea making tools that will be used later. When everything is ready, I pick up the tea caddy on the table. The moment I opened the tea caddy, some fragments of broken memories came to my mind.


                                                             【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese style hand-sealed tea caddy_CYGR0030

The scent of tea leaves floats out first, like falling into the vortex of memories. The scent of tea leads me to recall those stories: the scene when I bought this bag of tea, and who drank this tea together last time? What did we talk about that day? Who told what jokes?


                                              【Recommended Products】JOTO Japanese Hammer Glass Bamboo Lid Pu-erh Tea Caddy_CYGR0033

There was a nostalgic smile on the corner of my mouth, and I thought of this, only to realize that the tea caddy is not just a tea caddy. It preserves not only the high-quality tea industry, but also one after another of good memories. Although broken, they can always be vividly remembered and stir up ripples in my heart.


                                                       【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style Stoneware Zen Tea Caddy_CYGR0026

In addition to a variety of glass materials with different design styles, JOTO’s tea pots also have small tea pots made of rough pottery. The ice feeling of the glass pot and the thick feel of the rough pottery pot make the memory more carrier. In the texture of glass and the particles of stoneware, memories fill all the gaps.


                                                    【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade persimmon tea caddy_CYGR0020

If you want to ask for a good omen, JOTO also has a persimmon-shaped tea pot, which symbolizes that everything goes well. If you want to see more products, welcome to visit the official website: