On a leisurely weekend afternoon, gather with several friends at home, discuss the details of each other from knowing each other to the present, and update the current situation of friends step by step. You poured a pot of good tea, which you bought especially for this party. After the tea soup gushes out, don’t forget to pour it into the tea cup to feel the aroma and special taste of the tea. Today, I recommend five tea cups with their own characteristics for everyone, and hope to accompany you every moment of gathering.


                                                       【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Glass Frosted Kung Fu Tea Cup_XCBR0132

The glass material and frosted design add a layer of mist to the originally clear teacup. If it is tea with more layers, you may wish to consider this frosted glass tea cup, which allows vision and taste to match and create multiple layers of senses.


                                                                   【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade ceramic tall tea cup_XCBR0131

Friends who like simple style can also try this tall tea cup. The simple funnel-shaped design can not only be used as a tea cup, but if you want a little more variety when drinking sake, you can also try a tall bucket cup, which may have a different taste.


                                                            【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese handmade tea cup coffee cup_XCBR0100

In addition to vision, if you want to have a more delicate tactile experience, you can consider this handmade tea cup. This one has a relatively large capacity, a bit between a teacup and a teacup, but the layered color changes will definitely be its most attractive focus.


                                             【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Master Cup Blue Open Slice Two-color Glaze_XCBR0066

Friends who often drink tea can consider this "cup that can be raised". The special pottery making technique allows the tea soup to seep into the teacup through invisible tiny gaps, making the teacup go with your age and become more and more beautiful as you use it. (The editor personally recommends this one the most. A cup will have different levels of gradient, which is really a rare experience.)


                                                              【Product recommendation】 JOTO hand-painted blue and white tea cup_XCBR0128

Finally, friends who are interested in blue and white porcelain can not miss this blue and white tea cup. The blue and white hand-painted by the master craftsman makes each pattern vivid and unique on the paper, and the classic shape of the utensils also adds a little nostalgia to the tea-tasting time.

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