The weather turned cooler and rainy. In this rainy city blocked by damp and cold air, I always hope to find a little warmth for a while. It is a drizzle afternoon of tea tasting and reading, beside a warm lamp, it is a piece of piano music that can remove moisture from the soul.

Let me recommend a few tea cups to you today, so that you can have a cup of hot tea in the humid autumn and winter. While tasting the warmth, feel the warm tea soup entering the body through the esophagus, bringing warmth and the effect of removing moisture. Find a low coffee table to sit and enjoy the warm and dry time of reading and drinking tea together.

|Thin, bright and translucent, exuding the fragrance of tea|

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Sheep Fat Matte White Glaze Tea Cup_ XCBR0004


The warm and moist tea soup is faintly visible from the outside through the suet matte white glaze. This kind of film that can be broken by blowing bombs can only be achieved by superb craftsmanship. This white glaze tea cup can be said to be the first choice I recommend. It is as thin as paper and faintly transparent. It is also a kind of elegant pleasure to have a cup of hot tea in the humid afternoon and look at the tea cup in the gap of reading.

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Thin Blue and White Black Pattern Handmade Bamboo Hat Cup_XCBR0025


In addition, there is also a cup with a thin tire hat shape. If today you are not reading and tasting tea alone, but having an appointment to chat and drink tea with friends, you may refer to this cup. I say this because the hat-shaped cups need to be extra careful when holding tea soup, so it is not suitable for too frequent actions, so as not to accidentally pour it over. A more suitable situation is to chat with friends and drink tea elegantly. Looking at the blue and white black pattern on the thin white rubber hat cup while chatting, it is quite elegant.

|Hot tea and warm wine, refreshing and comfortable|

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade Linglong Tea Set_GWR0034

In addition to the above-mentioned thin and light styles, there is another one that relies on exquisite hollowing technology, so that the brown color can be reflected through the cup body. This Linglong tea set can be said to have entered another level of aesthetics. From the thin tire technology to the hollow design, the petals reflected from the cup wall can be said to satisfy another level of visual enjoyment. Whether you are reading tea by yourself or chatting with friends, the exquisite design can add beauty to the enjoyment of tea.

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Classic Retro Matte White Sake Jug Set_TZR0069

My friends and I like to drink sake very much. In the humid afternoon or dinner time after get off work, we have a cup of sake and talk about the recent depression and sorrow in our hearts. The warm sake warms the entire chest along the esophagus. The most delicate feeling can be captured at the moment of being slightly drunk. In this moment of half-dream and half-awake, use the most delicate words to express the softest feelings. I gave my friend a set of matte white sake jug set at my own expense. The matte white glaze technology of this sake cup allows light to penetrate easily. As thin as paper, like the soft and delicate emotions in the heart, pouring out sentimentality at every slightly drunk moment.

|Thick and simple, unique ingenuity|

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style Handmade Stoneware Tea Cup Master Cup_XCBR0103


If you like a thicker touch, you can refer to the cups made of stoneware. When holding the tea cup, the warm tea temperature can be transmitted to the palm of the hand through the stoneware. Warm but not hot, and not easy to worry about pouring, it is very suitable for daily tea drinking. The touch of rough pottery makes the warmth a little more rough and delicate, as if holding a warm stove, and it can also relieve the damp and hot boredom and tension when tasting tea. After get off work, have a cup of hot tea and read a little book while holding the teacup, so that the fatigue of the day can escape out of the body through the pores opened by the heat.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade Master Cup Cyan Slices Two-color Glaze_XCBR0066

However, if you don't like the touch of stoneware, you can also refer to this handmade two-color glaze cup. The delicate glaze color makes the touch smoother, warm but not too rough, it is a kind of warm and delicate. If you look closely, you will find that this master cup has a fine mesh pattern, just like the veins of tea leaves, surrounding the periphery of the cup wall. The natural cracked road will seep into the opening with the tea soup. The longer you use it, the clearer and more obvious the lines will be, and the whole cup will become more and more textured. If you often drink tea, you may wish to refer to this handmade green and astringent two-color glaze master cup~

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