As a person who insists on life aesthetics, every aspect of life must be carefully considered. Moreover, the awareness of environmental protection has risen recently, and you must bring your own tableware when you go out to reduce the burden on the earth. Today, I will recommend some good-looking tableware, so that everyone's "eating guy" can have both quality and texture.

❚ One Two Three, Wooden Man: Japanese wooden tableware, simple and versatile


                                 【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade wooden handle stainless steel western tableware_CJR0475

When it comes to Japanese tableware, wooden tableware is absolutely indispensable. JOTO has a lot of wooden tableware. If it is for home use, I recommend the above quite complete and cute wooden handle stainless steel western tableware. The wooden handle adds a delicate wood grain texture when holding it. The overall design is also quite textured. The stainless steel is also easy to clean. It is a beautiful and cost-effective entry-level model.


                                                                     【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Wooden Spoon Set_CJR0379

If you want more choices of spoons, the wooden spoon set above will definitely satisfy everyone. There are a total of 8 styles, ranging from small spoons to large spoons, from colanders to flat spoons. Each one is made of logs, healthy and environmentally friendly. And if you want to carry it out, I recommend the walnut chopsticks set below. The wooden chopsticks made of natural walnut wood are hand-polished and feel very good, delicate and beautiful. The light and textured shell makes it easy for everyone to take it out and use it. The beautiful walnut wood material can definitely make you dominate the company or school.


                                           【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style environmentally friendly walnut chopsticks set_CJR0415

                                                                                               ❚ Love Ceramics: All-match stoneware tableware is open!


                                                                【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Stoneware Tableware Set_CJR0461

If you have a special liking for stoneware tableware like me (I am a heavy user of stoneware tableware, and the bowls and spoons I usually use are JOTO's stoneware series),Here, I would like to recommend two types of stoneware tableware that I love to use and are also very textured! The first one is the rough pottery soup spoon above. There are two types: large spoon and small spoon. The slight brown and light yellow in the beige are really the ace color of the texture.


                                                               【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Retro Ceramic Tableware Set_CJR0494

The other is this two-level style. The front end adopts a simple and elegant smooth design, which is easy to clean and has a unique aesthetic feeling (there are two styles in green and white). And the end adopts a rougher touch technique, which makes the tableware more layered and also makes the hand feel richer and unique when holding it.

                                                                                                             ❚ Editor’s extra: European-style golden tableware and super Q cat chopstick rest


                                                     【Product Recommendation】 JOTO European Stainless Steel Knife, Fork and Spoon Set_CJR0452

What? You said that the style of your tableware is more European-style? It doesn't matter, JOTO also has stainless steel tableware with matte brushed design, which feels thicker and thicker, and the settled weight also adds another sense of luxury to the tableware. A variety of colors to choose from, absolutely suitable for general household use or pasta restaurants!


                                              【Product recommendation】Japanese style soft cute cat ceramic hand-painted chopsticks rest_CJR0410

Finally, friends who usually use chopstick rests, if they don’t like the rough clay chopstick rests, you can refer to this super cute kitten chopstick rest! There are a total of several poses to choose from, each one is small and cute, with fine workmanship, friends who like cute tableware can not miss it! It is also quite suitable to be used as a doll in the office when not in use!

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