Czech writer Milan Kundera discusses common dualities in our lives in the first half of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and suggests that "lightness" and "weight" seem to have no inherent superiority. I'm fascinated by this notion, wondering if, just as light and strong teas each have their own charms, life might be similar. Today, let's chat about the nuances of life!


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We often seek to make our lives memorable, hoping our presence weighs heavily in others' lives, leaving a deep impression that's hard to forget. Sometimes, we want events to be unforgettable, so some people get tattoos or piercings to mark significant memories.

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In "The Unbearable Lightness of Being," Kundera also talks about Nietzsche's concept of the "eternal return," suggesting that if something only happens once, it's as though it never happened at all. Eventually, when the last person forgets, these events seem to have never occurred.

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However, another philosophical perspective, like Buddhism, tells us that the desire for weightiness is a form of attachment. Things may appear temporarily "existent," but they're ultimately "empty," as stated in the Heart Sutra.

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Recently, I've been practicing the philosophy of detachment. When we stop clinging to memories or what seems real in the moment and embrace life lightly, we may experience a different perspective on life. Lightness doesn't mean boredom; it means focusing on the present moment.

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The film "My Perfect Daily Life" by Edward Yang uses the concept of "dappled sunlight," where sunlight filters through the leaves, casting fleeting shadows in the forest, to remind us that these ephemeral moments of lightness are the most meaningful in life.


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