The weather is warm and cold, and the cool breeze in the morning always makes people shiver and shiver. In the hot and cold weather, the hot tea in the morning is especially heart-warming. Today, let JOTO's editor  introduces you some of featured teapots to accompany you through every day when the temperature drops suddenly.


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Li Qingzhao wrote in "Slow Voices": "When it's hot or cold, it's the most difficult to maintain." Indeed, the hot and cold weather always makes it unbearable for us who already have something to worry about. What Li Qingzhao said was cautious, "Two or three cups of light wine, how can you fight against him, and the wind is rushing at night?".


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When the cold wind is the most lethal, it is the most trivial and most formidable moments in daily life. When I woke up in the morning and it was still dark, I opened the window for the first gust of cold wind. Or when walking alone on the road at night and feeling lonely.


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So I like to drink tea, not only because the warm tea soup can always make my body warmer, and it can somewhat resist the cold wind. It is also because when drinking tea, I can always have a few chats with my friends, warming up with hot tea, and a relationship that allows for short chats can also warm my heart to some extent.


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After Zhao Mingcheng died of illness, Li Qingzhao filled in the sad word "slow voice". On the one hand, she was talking about the Late and rushing wind, but in fact, she was talking about her inner loneliness after Zhao Mingcheng passed away. It is the loneliness in my heart that makes me even more unable to withstand the cold wind.


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This is why when I drink tea, the focus is often not on tea, but on feeling that I am in a certain relationship, nourishing a rare relationship through dialogues. There is an inherent elegance in drinking tea alone, but drinking tea and chatting with some friends, isn't it another kind of heart-warming enjoyment?

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