In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, according to the traditional etiquette and customs of the Han society, wedding ceremonies are often not suitable for holding, but as the seventh month of the lunar calendar is coming to an end, many couples have already begun to prepare for the wedding in full swing!

In addition to congratulating all the couples here, let me also recommend some suitable gifts for newlyweds! Whether it's a wedding gift for the couple, or a gift for party guests (give something else!), these bridal favors will definitely fit the bill!

1. JOTO Chinese Red Double Happiness Tableware Set_CJR0405

The first is this Chinese-style red double happiness tableware set. The festive red color is matched with a simple design, which bursts out new ideas in the tradition, and writes the most traditional blessings in the latest way.

This tableware set can be purchased individually or as a gift box, and includes a total of gaiwan and three different sizes of bowls.

The first size is suitable as a tea cup after a meal

The second size is suitable for serving rice as a rice bowl.

The third size has a larger caliber, and you can also choose the style of the gaiwan. There are four styles for you to choose from!

There are five sizes of plates for everyone to choose from, some are suitable for holding small dishes, and some are suitable for holding dishes.

Hurry up and enter the JOTO website to choose the dishes that suit you best! Or contact the editor to form a gift box, which will become the best gift for newcomers!

2. JOTO Chinese Red Double Happiness Bowl Tableware_ CJR0392

The next two are JOTO’s classic gift recommendations. The editor has written a recommendation for this bowl before. For those who haven’t seen it, please come here~

This bowl and the following JOTO Red Double Happiness couple cup CUPR0489 can form a gift box, and can also be customized. If you like it, please refer to it!

3. JOTO Red Double Happiness Word Wedding Couple Cup CUPR0489

JOTO Red Double Happiness Word Wedding Couple Cup CUPR0489 There are three styles in total.

Each style is a good choice for gift giving, let me recommend them to you!

The first style is a pair of round cups, suitable for presenting tea to elders in wedding ceremonies or friends who are used to holding teacups to drink tea~

The second style is my personal favorite style, with the upper circle and the lower part, like a seal, stamping exclusive blessings for this rare marriage!

The third one is the heart-shaped handle style, the shape of the upper circle and the lower part, plus the heart-shaped handle design, suitable for romantic and high-profile newcomers, or friends who are used to mugs!

The editor provides to the readers and client to customize new wedding boxes for their friends, creating unique wedding gifts!

The custom-made gift is handwritten by the master chef, and the warmest gift carries the best wishes for the couple.

4. JOTO White Porcelain Handpainted Blue and White Happiness Grasping Pot_CHR0012

Next, the editor will introduce a series of JOTO blue and white porcelain products with the “囍” character. JOTO’s products with the “囍” character are not only bowls, plates and cups, but also teapots! Isn't it exciting~

This blue-and-white porcelain 囍 character grasping pot uses traditional Chinese blue-and-white porcelain making techniques, and the 囍 character representing newlyweds is painted on it. The elegant and unobtrusive design is most suitable for friends who like low-key but unique!

This grab pot is suitable for friends who usually like to drink tea, and it will definitely be the most special wedding gift!

5. JOTO Hand-painted Pair of Happy Bowls_CJR0022

The next one is also the pair of bowls with the word “囍” in the blue and white porcelain series! The same blue and white porcelain technique,
Coupled with the elegant hand-painted 囍 characters, it is definitely the best choice for wedding gifts!

Even on the tiniest bowl holder, the master hand-painted the blue and white porcelain without sloppiness, which shows JOTO's insistence on quality!

6. JOTO White Porcelain Simple Hand-painted Blue and White Covered Bowl_GWR0005

Finally, there is also a combination of this gaiwan and a small teacup in the blue and white porcelain “囍” series!

You can buy the gaiwan alone and enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship of the cover, bowl, and holder, as well as the beauty of hand-painted blue and white porcelain.

It can also be matched with two, four or six small teacups to form an excellent match for wedding gifts.
Convey the most sincere blessings to the newly married friends through the combination of blue and white porcelain 囍 characters!

Want to see more products? Please go to the official website of JOTO to have a look!