As another year comes to an end, I, as a writer, step into my second year. On this day last year, I wrote a year-end thank-you letter to everyone, and this year won't be an exception. Please allow me to take the time in this article to express my gratitude for all the encounters, old and new, throughout this entire year. Having your support for JOTO is genuinely our honor.

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2023 has been a challenging year. We've just emerged from the shadow of the pandemic. The pandemic brought not only severe illness but also an opportunity for introspection. In this year of relative stability post-pandemic, the world has begun to recover, but this recovery has also brought much anxiety.

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After the pandemic, it seems like everyone in society is moving forward as if nothing happened. While everything is recovering, I can't help but worry if I'm falling behind again? Am I the only one slowly leaving behind the stagnation caused by the pandemic? As the world continues to operate like a precise instrument, I start to worry if I can keep up with everyone's recovery.

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Whenever I feel this anxious, I revisit articles I wrote during the pandemic, reflecting on how to enjoy life in a slower-paced world and reconsider the meaning of life. JOTO has always been a concept-driven company, serving a relatively niche clientele.

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JOTO may not be able to become a world-class multinational company. Just like my favorite singer, Dessert Chang (Anpu), once said: "I like to spend my life in my world, to accompany and cherish what I like. There's nothing else to choose. The only thing that needs your choice is something you can definitely give up."

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Therefore, I deeply cherish everyone who likes our products. Together, we've created a comfortable space. I don't wish for everyone to like our products, but through our products and principles, to find like-minded individuals and use our products to accompany each other on our life's journey. Thank you for your support over the past year, allowing JOTO to continue surviving with our small products and principles. In the new year, if you don't mind, please continue to follow us. Welcome to introduce like-minded friends to join this small circle of JOTO, allowing us to accompany each other on this journey.


Shaking hands with you,


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