As the autumn breeze grows brisk and the temperature drops, imagine sitting across from me at a tea table. Between us sits a round teapot with a handle, its aroma of freshly brewed tea filling the air along with wisps of steam. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. We are about to embark on a nostalgic journey into the world of tea art.

【產品推薦】九土 手工復古粗陶側把手抓壺_CHR0570

In a room dimly lit, the scent of tea lingers in your nostrils. Amidst the cold, unfamiliar surroundings, someone calls out, "Candle holder! Candle holder!" A person appears, holding an ancient candle holder, illuminating the seemingly small room. You find yourself unable to comprehend how you ended up here; you understand the language spoken around you but struggle to communicate fully with them.



【產品推薦】九土 日式仿古鑄鐵燭臺 PJR0056

Feeling your unease, someone hands you a cup of hot tea, helping you regain your senses. The cup depicts a man riding a horse, a common motif in blue and white porcelain art. You might feel like you've traveled back to ancient China several centuries ago.



【產品推薦】九土 日式復古粗陶茶具套裝_TZR0075

Sitting on a sandalwood chair, you observe the peculiar shapes of the tea cups around you. Some are bowl-shaped, adorned with blue and white stories. You are deeply engrossed in examining these cups, savoring this rare opportunity to travel back in time and appreciate these ancient artifacts.




【產品推薦】九土 手繪仿古 青花蟬意人物茶碗_CJR0025

Finally, you notice a uniquely shaped candle holder on the table, its flickering flame capturing your attention. Suddenly, the flame grows larger and larger until it engulfs the room in a blinding light. In an instant, your surroundings blur into nothingness.



【產品推薦】九土 日式粗陶復古香爐燭台_PJR0077

When you open your eyes again, all that remains are the vintage products from Joto, each telling a unique story from the past. The different facets of "antiquity" seem to have converged into a single universe, where individual histories blend into a singular scene—a testament to the wonders achievable through material culture.


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