It's evident that the weather is gradually cooling down; autumn seems to be coming to an end, making way for winter. This November, as the autumn hues deepen, let me share some words with you while recommending a few exquisite teacups. With the year coming to a close, whether through long standing friendships or newfound connections, I am truly grateful for the opportunity you've given Joto, allowing us to journey through these years together.


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Fate is a fascinating thing, seemingly destined yet with ample room for choice. In the delicate balance between fate and personal agency, we strive to live our lives, finding companionship along the way.


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Time, too, is a peculiar concept. A friend of mine wrote a book titled "The Life of Tsai-Hua," which I found quite avant-garde and captivating. Is time truly progressing at a uniform pace, or have we merely put our faith in clocks, mistaking them for the essence of time?


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Perhaps joyful moments do pass swiftly, and perhaps time does have the power to dilute everything. Maybe the time you perceive and the time I experience differ not because of our feelings or perceptions, but because time flows at varying speeds for different individuals.


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Approaching the year-end, thoughts inevitably flood in. Perhaps it's the chill in the air that calms emotions, or perhaps it's the concept of fate that truly makes me grateful—grateful for those who have left my life and for those who remain.


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Nevertheless, no matter how breathtaking the autumn scenery, it can't compare to having someone by your side, even if only for a moment—a person brought together by fate, someone to meet and accompany in this fleeting moment. The most beautiful sight in late autumn is none other than sharing a drink with you.


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