"There will always be someone discovering the southern side, laying out all the stories for anyone to grasp." These lines are from a song I've been fond of recently, "Soft Whispers," sung in Taiwanese Minnan dialect by the band Chair. It's from their 2022 album "Shangri-La is calling." The slightly chilly weather lately is perfect for folk songs. Riding a bicycle amidst the cool breeze between city buildings, my mood lifts. Let me hum the music while sharing some great products from Joto with you.


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"With whom to fill the pits and grooves inside my heart, his tenderness flies freely from the bookshelf." These lyrics played in my mind as I pedaled my bicycle from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station to Shuanglian, a journey of just over twenty minutes, accompanied by the cool breeze.


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As the weather cools down, it signifies another year coming to an end, with just over two months left. Looking back at everything that happened this year, it seems like I've lived quite happily even when alone. It's only during these solitary moments that I can contemplate some things thoroughly.


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Bicycling, working out, and running are the exercises I usually do, all solitary activities. Besides physical activities, my interests include reading and listening to music, also solitary pursuits. Even attending concerts and watching movies, I've started to enjoy going alone this year. Surprisingly, I don't feel lonely.


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There are moments when you might think, "How nice it would be if there was someone to accompany me." Of course, there are. But the most significant change I've noticed is that I've gradually started to appreciate the benefits of being alone in city life. Occasionally chatting with friends, checking in on my parents when I'm home, and the rest of the time, I keep for myself, doing "things I love."


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I never truly believed in phrases like "be yourself" or "live the way you like" because it's neither realistic nor responsible. But I haven't forgotten to tell myself every morning while making my to-do list, "It's okay!" and consider "doing something I love" as a task. Saying "love yourself" sounds a bit heavy, but don't forget to attend to your feelings.


As the weather gets colder, remember to add a few more layers, and treat yourself to a couple of hot teas.

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