A bouquet of flowers received by chance, a heartfelt congratulations from a friend. Discarding it directly would seem too ungrateful, but when finally determined to take good care of it, there is no attractive flower vessel to hold it. This week, let me recommend a few beautiful flower vessels so that everyone can appreciate the beautiful flowers at home and enter the splendid world of floral art.


【產品推薦】九土 簡約水泥玻璃花瓶擺飾_DER0032


When a myriad of flowers bloom, sitting on the living room sofa and admiring that bouquet of flowers in the corner always brings solace to one's soul. Observing with the eyes, contemplating with the heart, and ultimately sincerely appreciating it.


【產品推薦】九土 高腳花器湯盤兩用 DER0033


Different flowers have different meanings. I've tried to remember some of them myself, but often forget them due to other distractions in my life. However, whenever I receive a flower, I always ask, "Why this particular flower?" Wanting to know the intention behind the sender.

【產品推薦】九土 手工粗陶復古花器擺件 DER0039


Alternatively, learning flower arrangement oneself, buying flowers from a flower shop as a means of expressing one's current state of mind, or as a hopeful anticipation for the future. Regardless of where the floral arrangement techniques originate from, the author believes that flower arrangement, as an art form, ultimately reflects the thoughts and ideas of the creator towards the world.


【產品推薦】九土 日式手工陶瓷花器花藍_DER0085


Choosing different flowers represents different flower meanings. Using different floral arrangement techniques expresses different thoughts in the heart. It is the blooming of a variety of flowers in the height of summer, the Zen-like tranquility presented within the branches and leaves, the harmony and asymmetry. Floral art is like a three-dimensional painting, concealing rich thoughts and ideas behind it.


【產品推薦】九土 日式手工陶瓷花器客廳裝飾擺件_DER0084


If you feel that life is always difficult to find an outlet for venting, and you don't know how to express your thoughts about the world and your current state of mind, you might consider looking up the language of flowers and starting your first flower arrangement.


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