"Saying everything is unknown cannot be a statement of confidence." Singer Anpu mentioned this at the "Street Serendipity" music festival held by the China Medical University Student Association. This sentence always serves as my anchor when I feel lost. Today, let's share recent insights into life while admiring beautiful vases!

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"If you are going abroad in two or three years, how can we be together?" The other party stared seriously into my eyes, his face showing fear and anxiety about the unknown. The relationship seemed to be over before it even began.

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Life isn't as easily perceived as devoid of "reality" or "truth," as postmodernists/post-structuralists argue, despite contemporary philosophy constantly reshaping our perceptions of the world. It's not as simple as constructing something when someone says so or calling it an illusion when it seems unreal in everyday life.

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From childhood, we're taught concepts like "people aim high, water flows low" or "chase your dreams," as if life is a straight path leading somewhere, and we invest all our energy into "finding our own way." But what if there's no such thing as the "perfect path for oneself"?

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As we grow, we become increasingly cautious, as though action requires a preconceived notion. We feel that everything must be "planned in advance" or "guarded against future uncertainties" to be safe. However, life doesn't work that way. We're always improvising; we can't draft a life plan and expect no alterations to our future.

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Therefore, all we can do is keep moving forward, even if it's in the wrong direction. Life is an endless flow. When was the last time you dared to try something new for yourself? Don't let fear of getting hurt stop you, because only by personally confronting the unknown will we understand it and navigate it.


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