For those who are good with English, you might know that to describe someone as exceptionally talented, you can use the word "gifted," implying a special favor from heaven. The noun "gift" means both "present" and "talent," and "gifted" suggests a talent given by heaven. This week, let's chat about talent!

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One of the famous quotes from Taiwan's renowned director Ang Lee is, "The only thing that can withstand the ravages of time is talent." Talent can come from innate gifts or be cultivated over time. In this era of rising artificial intelligence, "talent" is one of the irreplaceable elements.

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If we transform Ang Lee's quote, it would be, "The only thing that can withstand the replacement by artificial intelligence is talent." However, talent isn't just about the skill itself. If you only have a specific skill or fixed talent, sooner or later, someone with better learning ability or a robot might replace you. Hence, the first point to understand is that talent itself doesn't imply irreplaceability, but rather it involves other aspects related to talent.

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You might wonder, what are those aspects? I believe it's about "how you use" your talent. This usage includes how you use the abilities talent brings to maintain it, cultivate and improve yourself, and keep your talent progressing. It also includes how you apply talent to yourself and others.

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Using it on yourself includes self-improvement and becoming a better person. What does becoming a better person mean? I believe it relates to how you use your talent to benefit others. Regardless of the form of your talent, sharing it and benefiting others is also irreplaceable.

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Because relationships and ethics between people and between people and non-humans are real, if we can use our talents to benefit others and everything beyond ourselves, that will be an irreplaceable achievement and an essential condition for becoming a better person.

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