"Tea needs to be brewed to taste good, and people need to let go to live well." This saying is profound. Tea leaves need to unfold slowly in hot water to release their unique aroma and flavor. Similarly, when facing difficulties and stress, one can only live easily by learning to release stress and adjust their mindset. This attitude can make one more optimistic and find inner peace and happiness. Today, let me share some tips on how to let go and find peace.

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As someone who tends to overthink, I often get anxious to the point where I can't get things done or even sleep at night. Just thinking about upcoming events and the daily workload often overwhelms me.

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To let go and detach from current emotions, I have a few methods to make the anxiety temporarily disappear. First, I take out a piece of paper and write down all the things I'm anxious about, then organize them by urgency and my ability to handle them.

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My high school homeroom teacher taught me this when I was under a lot of pressure preparing for college exams. By sorting and organizing all worries, I realized some things are urgent but might not be quickly solvable. This allows me to tell myself to give myself a break because anxiety is useless and won’t make things easier to solve.

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Additionally, I use methods like copying sutras or going out for a run to temporarily detach from the emotions, allowing me to distract myself before returning to the task. This might seem inefficient, but once my mood calms down, my efficiency actually improves.

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I once heard Master Jingkong say that during a Buddhist ceremony, you only need a cup of water. The water isn't offered to the Buddha but is placed in front of you to remind yourself to be as calm and undisturbed as the water, to be sincere and focused in the present moment. I found this very insightful and wanted to share it with everyone.

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