If you've been following JOTO's editorials, you might have noticed my particular affection for JOTO's kiln-changed products. One day, it struck me that I haven't shared with you why I appreciate kiln-changed products so much. Let me seize this opportunity to share the beauty of kiln-changing with all of you. It's a story about the unknown, about pursuit, about imagination.

​​JOTO Japanese Kiln-Changed Glaze Coffee Cup with Saucer_CFR0076


The principle of kiln-changing lies in the chemical transformation of metallic elements inside the porcelain body due to high temperatures during firing, leading to various color variations. Kiln-changing is a result of temperature-induced changes inside the kiln, not artificial color application.

​​JOTO Handmade Japanese Kiln-Changed Ceramic Tableware Set_CJR0433


What makes this principle so enchanting? Firstly, it's randomness and unpredictability. While we can have a general idea of which metal might change to what color under specific temperatures, every kiln-changed product still turns out unique. Each product becomes one of a kind due to its inherent randomness.

​JOTO Handmade Vintage Creative Ceramic Coffee Cup_CFR0129


Imagine the craftsman's delight upon discovering the appearance of kiln-changed products for the first time – it was an unexpected joy born from randomness. The development of every kiln-changed product represents the universe's most unique accident and the beautiful moment of birth.

​JOTO Handmade Vintage Kiln-Changed Mug_CFR0136


On kiln-changed products, you can witness the trace of transformation – a gradual process that turns appreciation into an intriguing experience. Sometimes, it serves as a metaphor for life, reminding us that even in extreme difficulties, there's an opportunity to transform into something beautiful.

​JOTO Kiln-Changed Vintage Public Cup_GBR0018


In the same pressure environment, different individuals might blossom differently. This, I find, is remarkably beautiful. What might appear "ruined" to some, can be seen as another form of beauty when looked at from a different perspective. There will always be someone appreciating the results of kiln-changing, just as there will always be someone appreciating us. I often draw this parallel for myself.

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