In this wandering generation, maybe only the seal can make us feel a little more at ease

It’s time to recommend good things again. Today I want to talk to you about JOTO’s seal-shaped 【JOTO Chinese Red Double Happiness Bowl Tableware】(CJR0392).

The first time I saw this product, I was first attracted by the blue color of the bowl. This faint blue is sometimes bluish and sometimes white, like a bright moon in winter, icy and cool without losing style, showing different postures under the reflection of different lusters.

Staring at this round of bright and clear blue, I feel calm like a quiet lake in the middle of the night without wind or rain, quiet, solemn and stable, just like when I got married. Everyone may think that getting married is a day with a lot of emotional ups and downs, but in fact, compared with the deep love and affection of the time of love, the mood when getting married is as solemn as a lake without waves. When imagining the next stage of life, on the contrary, it is calm and condensed. All emotions sank to the bottom of the deepest and deepest lake, and the frivolity in love was tempered into a red mark on the certificate, which was deeply pressed in each other's lives. My life from now on, please give me your advice.

The feeling of sinking into the bottom of the lake turned solemnly and quietly into a red color, just like this set of tableware from JOTO. All the turmoil and impurities have been settled, leaving only a clear and bright light blue on the body of the bowl, sometimes with a charming translucence. The red bottom of the bowl is engraved with the double happiness logo. At first, I was wondering whether we still need to be so serious in the 21st century, not to pursue novelty but retro imagery of Double Happiness. It took me a long time to think about the beauty of this product. In this wandering generation, the relationship between people seems so alienated. Everything is like a thread floating in the air, and life always seems unreliable. And only the seal, only the solemnity of the big red, can we become more serious and cautious.

It is always difficult to choose a wedding gift, and the products of Shuangxi Image always seem old-fashioned and rigid. However, JOTO’s Chinese-style tableware with red double 囍 characters is different. Only after lifting the bowl and cup, we will see the positive red love image that represents firm feelings and calm thinking. It's like a reminder, whenever we see this pair of happy talismans, we can recall the moment when we decided to get married, the timid but still firm mood,those staring eyes and unswerving promise until death.

If you are already married, you might as well buy this tableware for your own use. We can be usually healed by the bright blue, such as the design of the seal can also remind us of the promise of the old-fashioned period, the promise of mutual support and care. What I want to recall is the youth who was still willing to give up his life.

The 【JOTO Chinese-style Red Double Happiness Bowl Tableware】 (CJR0392) introduced by JOTO today really aroused my feelings. If you think the bowl is a bit too heavy, you can also buy porcelain cups, or make a set, which is suitable for personal use as a gift. The actual product feels very delicate, the icy blue is like emerald, and the ivory seal is recommended for you who are worrying about wedding gifts! At the same time, it is also recommended to you who recall the past.

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