Glass tableware is one of the indispensable home accessories in everyone's home. Although glass tableware seems to be similar, but behind the crystal clear, there are many eyebrows that need everyone's attention. For example, whether it is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant material, or whether it is hand-blown, will affect the quality and price of glass products! Today, I carefully sorted out five ultra-beautiful glass tableware sets for you, so that everyone can choose the high-quality glass tableware you like!

1. JOTO Heat-resistant striped glass tea cup_CUPR0560

The first is the heat-resistant striped glass teacup. As mentioned earlier, the high borosilicate material is used to make the glass pot more resistant to high-temperature tea, and the hand-blown technology demonstrates JOTO's insistence on quality in glass craftsmanship. Each pot is carefully blown one by one by the best material selected by the glass master. The crescent-shaped filter screen of the outlet hole allows everyone to filter tea leaves and tea soup more easily. Friends who like tea will definitely like this heat-resistant striped glass tea cup. Autumn is approaching and the weather is getting cooler. Choose a high-quality glass tea cup, so that everyone can feel our insistence on quality while enjoying life.

2.JOTO simple painted crystal glass_CUPR0559

The next one is JOTO's simple painted crystal glass, which uses crystal glass to make the glass body more transparent and looks sparkling as a whole. This glass is also hand-blown by a glass master, with the most eye-catching stained crystal glass, reminiscent of the stained glass windows of European churches. The seemingly simple glass design has an irresistible charm.

In addition to the checkered style, there is also a striped style. The striped style has a stronger sense of design, and the hand-painted color does not hide each other, and each color stripe can keep shining and reflect each other. This glass also adopts a very user-friendly design, which can be easily held with one hand. It is a good partner for everyone to drink water and wine!

3. JOTO Mount Fuji crystal glass_CUPR0472

The next one is JOTO's best-selling product Mount Fuji crystal glass_CUPR0472 With special glass technology, a small Mount Fuji is made at the bottom of the cup, so that when you drink tea and wine, you can not only enjoy the deliciousness of tea and wine, but also have a visual enjoyment!

This series has a total of two sizes and three colors. You can definitely find a glass that suits you and bring it home for fun! I bought two short glasses myself, whether drinking spirits purely at home or mixing drinks in bars can make the aesthetic level of drinks to a higher level!

Before the country opens, buy a crystal glass and enjoy it if you want to go to Japan!

4. JOTO handmade creative hexagonal glass_CUPR0528

The next JOTO handmade creative hexagonal glass_CUPR0528 , there are two styles in total, the clear style single cup and the hammer pattern eight payment! Simple but textured design, it is a good friend of everyone's simple life~

These glasses are all hand-blown by craftsmen, and each one is the ultimate display of glass craftsmanship. Simple but not monotonous glasses are definitely good drinking companions for every family, restaurant, and office!

5. JOTO Creative Transparent Glass Cup_CUPR0540

The last one JOTO Creative Transparent Glass Cup_CUPR0540 is very distinctive, the fine dot pattern is all over the body of the cup, simple but distinctive, it is very suitable for use as a water cup for home and restaurant!

For morning coffee, why not serve it in this creative transparent glass water cup! The hand-blown process, the hammer pattern increases the friction when holding, the thickened cup bottom makes the overall cup body thicker and more textured, the inner wall is smooth and easy to clean, buy a glass cup and experience it!