The inaugural winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Autobiography was "Stay True: A Memoir" by Taiwanese author Hwa Hsu. Through its vintage narrative style, it chronicles a period of time spent with friends, evoking a sense of nostalgia and poetic reflection. "Stay True" serves as the sign-off phrase between the protagonist, Hwa Hsu, and his friend Ah Jian. While Hwa Hsu dismisses it as youthful banter, it serves as the overarching theme of the memoir. Today, let's talk about life from the perspectives of simplicity and sincerity.


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In the hustle and bustle of urban life, everything seems to vie for our attention, with flashy advertisements bombarding us with excessive effects, accompanied by overly complex melodies and repetitive slogans. At times, it all feels overwhelming. As everything becomes excessively glamorous, how can we appreciate the simple beauty of life?


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Sometimes, all we want is a bit of tranquility, simplicity, and purity in life. When we stop chasing the need for everything to be unforgettable, that's when everything truly becomes unforgettable.

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Recently, I watched a film by Ernst Wilhelm "Wim" Wenders called "Perfect Days," which portrays the simple life of a Japanese janitor. His life is surprisingly regular and simple, yet within this simplicity, he finds the beauty of everyday life and maintains his taste and perseverance for life.

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The film revolves around the Japanese concept of "komorebi," which refers to the sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees. It's about seizing these fleeting moments, truly living in the present, and enjoying every moment of life.

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Therefore, I aspire to keep my life simple, to remain sincere with people, and to stay sincere with every moment of life. By focusing on every moment of life, living sincerely in the simplicity of the moment, we can truly appreciate the beauty of life.

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